Tara Jill Olson | MSW Intern

Therapist & Wellness Coach | Pronouns: she/her/hers

Tara is pursuing a Masters Degree in Social Work at the University of Utah. She has completed Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology and Gender Studies. Her educational background reflects her deep interest in understanding human behavior and the intricate dynamics of gender and identity.

Tara works to be a trauma-informed, social justice-oriented therapist. As someone who finds great purpose and energy in relationships, she aims to create a space that emphasizes our shared humanity. Tara values acceptance, compassion, and collaboration in her work and tailors her approach to meeting individual needs from a person-centered, strength-based, and relational perspective to support clients with skills, strategies, and solutions. She strives to empower each individual to be the expert in their own experience, recognizing that they possess the strength and resilience needed for growth and healing.

Tara is deeply committed to serving communities that often face marginalization, including communities of color, the LGBTQIA2+ community, and the disabled community. As a member of these communities, Tara is intimately familiar with their challenges and has pledged to be an advocate in her work. 

As a queer woman of color, Tara is acutely aware of the impact of social ostracization and stigma on individuals. She believes social exclusion and messages about one’s value impact our ability to live authentically. She approaches therapy from a systemic lens, understanding that numerous factors influence the quality of our mental health. 

Tara, a first-year Master of Social Work practicum student in Utah, is fully committed to enhancing her clinical skills and expertise. 

License #: UT 13412242-3502

More About Tara

Areas of Expertise

Tara specializes in:

Life Transitions
Stress Management
Sexuality & Sexual Concerns
Women’s Issues

Services/ Population

Tara provides the following services:

Individual, Couple, and Family Services
Emerging Adults (ages 18 to 21)
Adults (age 22 +)


Tara’s rates are as follows::

$90 per 45-minute therapy session
$50 per 50-minute coaching session

Additional Rates / Insurance

Tara also offers:

6 Session Coaching Package:
$45 per coaching session ($270)
purchased upfront, non-refundable
package sessions valid for 1 year.
Cigna Health Insurance/Evermore

*Medicaid, and Medicare-associated plans not accepted.


Tara is available to see clients via phone, online, or in person.

Availability (Mountain Time)
Wednesdays: 5 pm – 6 pm (Phone or Online)
Thursdays: 10 am – 2 pm (Phone or Online or In-Person)
Fridays: 10 am – 2 pm (Phone or Online or In-Person)
Office Location:
2040 E. Murray Holladay Rd, Holladay, UT 84117
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