Coaching Services

  • COACHING, CONSULTATION, & EDUCATION SERVICES are available for those who need support during a life transition, reaching life goals, and/or going through developmental shifts: including faith transitions.

  • Coaching includes SOLUTION-FOCUSED & PRESENT/FUTURE-FOCUSED consultations.

  • ONLINE COACHING is available via phone, and video options, in addition to in-office visits.

  • Coaching is beneficial for Individuals who have a growth mindset and believe they have the capability to grow, evolve, and improve their situation

  • PLEASE NOTE: Coaching and consultation services are not meant to take the place of local mental health resources, support, or treatment if those services are necessary. They do not include an assessment for mental health diagnosis and therefore, are not covered by health insurance.

“Representation matters.

It deeply matters to me.

And to whom it also deeply matters-

I see you.”

-Sara Hughes-Zabawa, LCSW


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