Female Sexual Trauma

Online Group with Natasha

During this time we will discuss education, concerns, strategies, and ideas around :

  • myths, worries, and fears about what sexual trauma “means”
  • understanding trauma symptoms & triggers
  • potential effects on your mental, physical, and sexual health
  • what healing and resiliency stories can look like for you

This group is a good fit for anyone who identifies as a woman, a trans woman, or non-binary, who has experienced a sexual trauma or unwanted sexual experience in their life. This group is meant to address issues for those who come from high-demand or conservative religions and offers support and education on a healing journey.

This group is not meant to be a substitute for therapy services. 

WHEN: New Group Starting Soon—Call the office to be added to the waitlist.

WHERE: Online

COST: $60/session*

REGISTRATION: Click Here or call 1-208-391-7804

*if you register, you will be required to attend/pay for ALL sessions

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