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Faith Transitions

Mental Health

Faith Journeys

Post High Demand Religion Marriage

Mixed Faith Marriages

Religious Trauma

Queer Journey

Body Image

ADHD, Depression & Anxiety


Relational Concerns

Sexual Concerns

Mixed Orientation Relationships

Libido Differences

Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence or Abuse

Betrayal Trauma

Out of Control Sexual Behavior

Female Sexuality

Sexual Trauma

Male Sexual Shame

Founded by Natasha Helfer

Leading expert in religious trauma and sexuality.

Symmetry Solutions  supports individuals, couples, and families with the following and more…

Faith Transitions Sexuality LGBTQIA2+

Relationships Religious Trauma Parenting

Choose the track that best suits your needs.


Incredible healing comes from connecting with others who are going through similar experiences. We invite you to join a group centered around topics such as Faith Transitions, Religious Trauma, Male Sexual Shame, Female Sexual Trauma, Queer Journeys & Post-High Demand Religion Marriage & Parenting

Mental Health

Therapy is used for issues such as clinical depression, generalized anxiety disorders, bipolar depression, sexual disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, PTSD, etc. 

Wellness Coaching

Coaching is beneficial for Individuals who have a growth mindset and believe they have the capability to grow, evolve, and improve their situation

Health Plans & Insurance Benefits


Some insurance plans provide benefits to receive mental health services.

What People Are Saying About Symmetry Solutions

“My coach assisted me in coming to understand my own needs when it came to our sessions. She was encouraging and gave me tools to be able to use the information gained in our sessions in my daily life.”

— Symmetry Wellness Client

“Our therapist has a gift of sussing out what’s being said and getting to the heart of the issue. She also has a knack for helping you see things in a different way than it’s currently being seen. She’s fantastic at making you feel heard and understood. Always feel better about things after every session we’ve had with her!”

— Symmetry Mental Health Client

“This group allowed a safe space where people can share really difficult things with people who get it. The honesty and encouragement was amazing. I feel a stronger and safer connection with my tribe.”

— Symmetry Group Participant

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