Queer Men Support

Online Group with Allan

Queer Men Support Group is a 6-week group designed to introduce those identifying as Gay, Bisexual, Queer, or Questioning to the LGBTQIA+ culture and community.  Those who have had their natural Sexual Identity Development repressed and “sinified” by Purity Culture and High Demand Religions can experience their natural orientation later in life, perhaps while they are already in committed marriages and relationships!

Also, purity cultures and high-demand religions can insulate you from the LGBTQIA+ culture and communities leaving you feeling bewildered and knowledge-poor to navigate this journey on your own. I am a gay man and trained Sex and Sexuality Therapist with decades of experience in this area.  Let me help you gain a foundational understanding of Sexual Identity Development, The Coming Out Process, and what all the letters in LGBTQIA+ stand for and mean!


WHERE: Online

COST: $35/session*

*if you register, you will be required to attend/pay for all sessions

REGISTRATION: Call 1-208-391-7804 or click the button below

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