Pornography Dilemma

Online Group with Natasha

This group has been developed to help couples overcome the common struggles with pornography use within the marital contract.

During this group, we will:

  • Begin to deal with and repair the typical secrecy/betrayal cycles that have historically occurred in the relationship with sexual media.
  • Understand evidence-based information about sexual media allowing well-informed decisions to be made based on science and our values instead of myths and folklore.
  • Help couples understand the importance of balancing the need for individual autonomy and relational connection that can often feel contraindicated.
  • Learn to move from “ownership” models of sexuality to “partnership” models of sexuality.
  • Guide couples through agreement work based on principles of sexual and marital health (honesty, shared values, transparency, and differentiation).
  • Begin repairing trust and building a relationship where relational, erotic sexuality can flourish if that’s what both partners want moving forward.

WHEN: New Group Starting Soon—Call the office to be added to the waitlist.

WHERE: Online

COST: $60/person/session OR $120/couple/session*

REGISTRATION: —> Click Here or call 1-208-391-7804

*if you register, you will be required to attend/pay for ALL sessions

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