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As a man it can be difficult to try therapy when you’ve spent your whole life being told that you cannot be emotional or show vulnerability. Many men are scared of going to therapy because of what it might say about their masculinity. But therapy can be life changing! Going to therapy and getting in touch with your emotions and learning to understand how you feel can improve your mood, health, and relationships. Therapy can help you become the best version of yourself. Here are the ten reasons why every man should try going to therapy.

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  1. Dealing With Depression

    Life can be overwhelming for all of us, and sometimes when life begins to feel like too much we might be starting to suffer from depression. Some signs of depression can include symptoms such as irritability, low self-esteem, or lack of motivation. It can also bring physical symptoms like low energy, decreased appetite, or even lower sex drive. Through therapy you can learn how to develop healthier thought patterns and better ways of dealing with negative emotions.

  2. Overcoming Anxiety

    Much like depression there are many mental and physical symptoms of anxiety that make life harder when you struggle with it. These symptoms can be anything from restlessness or feelings of dread to gastrointestinal issues, muscle aches, or a rapid heartbeat. Therapists can help men overcome their anxiety through a variety of ways.

  3. Relationships

    Relationships can be tricky for all of us to navigate. We are all different from each other and those differences can make it hard for us to understand each other. Whether you are having trouble with a parent, a child, or a significant other, therapy can help you to understand your own behaviors and it can help you to become more patient with the others around you. We all have gone through different experiences that make us harder or easier to be around.

  4. Mindfulness

    One of the most important benefits of therapy is learning mindfulness skills. Learning to be aware of your own body and what it is trying to tell you about your stress can make coping with that stress much easier. Mindfulness can help everyone to feel more calm and content.

  5. Understanding Yourself

    Everyone has experienced trauma. Trauma is not necessarily something big that only happens to people in war or in extreme situations. Your trauma can come from things like being bullied as a child, or watching your parents go through a divorce. These things can impact how we view ourselves and the world and can create mental barriers that are difficult for us to overcome. Our trauma shapes who we are as people. Therapy can help you understand your own responses to your trauma and how that has made you the person you are.

  6. Suicide is More Common in Men

    Men are 3.88 times more likely to commit suicide than women. Part of the problem may be related to how men are taught to not open up about their emotions to other people. Many men become overwhelmed and don’t know how else to overcome their intense negative feelings. Therapy can help men who struggle with depression to find ways to deal with their stress positively. If you are feeling suicidal please reach out to the suicide hotline at 988, and consider trying therapy to see if it helps you get through a difficult time.

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Therapy is for everyone. As men it can be really hard to start going to therapy. It goes against what you’ve been told about masculinity your whole life. But men should go to therapy because it will help them find healthier ways to deal with life and all of its challenges. It can make you happier and help you to find more meaning in your life. 

If you are unsure of whether therapy is right for you then consider scheduling one appointment to see how it goes. It may also help to know that many people try a few different therapists before finding one that works for them. 

Our practice has many therapists who are skilled and can help you with whatever issues you are dealing with. You can visit our page at to learn more about each of our therapists and figure out which would be right for you.

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